Our Approach to Workforce Development

Factors such as the Big Crew Change, unconventional plays, and a low oil price environment are changing workforce dynamics across the oil and gas industry.  Accelerating the time to competency of new technical professionals is essential. Well-trained, competent technical professionals are a critical component to operational excellence. To meet ongoing business needs, companies need dedicated programs and support to reduce the time to competency.

Oil and Gas Skills Workforce Development programs are designed to develop effective, competent technical professionals for the oil and gas industry in the shortest time possible. This is made possible by drawing from the deep industry experience and competency building expertise within Oil and Gas Skills to produce a program tailored to a company’s specific challenges and business needs and reinforcing that with technical mentoring and coaching.

A program may include workforce planning, capability testing, competency assessment, gap analysis, career ladders, instructor-led training, and online e-learning.  Oil and Gas Skills Workforce Development can provide:

  • Training program design and development
  • On- or off-site technical coaching and mentoring
  • Accelerated development programs
  • Talent management