How does your company define and develop the competency of its workforce?

Oil and Gas Skills Drilling Workforce Competency

Oil and Gas Skills Competency Consulting provides quick, effective, benchmarked solutions for workforce development and assurance – from assured operators to career development of technical professionals.

Oil and Gas Skills is the industry leader in working with companies to implement sustainable, benchmarked competency solutions to meet diverse needs in workforce development assurance. The solutions are based on the proven methodology of the 4 Pillars of Competency:

Competency Maps: created and maintained by the Oil and Gas Skills Alliance membership, Competency Maps (CMaps) are the industry benchmark in defining the competencies (skills) required for upstream, midstream and downstream personnel.

Competency Management Software: Oil and Gas Skills offers its Compass and TRACCESS tools to provide effective management of competency development and assurance.

Learning and Development: the CMaps and competency software allow identification of skills gaps that can then be closed using learning and development solutions, such as e-learning and traditional training courses, as well as work experience, and performance support (knowledge management) tools, such as PetroCore.

People and Processes: Competency solutions need to be implemented in an effective and sustainable way. Oil and Gas Skills consultants provide that expertise across the full industry value chain, and across the globe.

Where is your company on the competency journey?

Oil and Gas Skills can help develop and assure the competency of technical professionals across the full range of petroleum industry disciplines. Our Competency Management and Assurance consulting services employ proven resources and approaches to address your company’s needs. Regardless of your current approach, and existing and preferred systems and tools, we can help you move forward based on industry best practices. We start by helping you create a well-designed plan for achieving company goals related to competency management and assurance.

how can Oil and Gas Skills help you?

Capitalize on proven people and processes

Oil and Gas Skills has provided competency management services to the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years. With an average 35 years of industry experience, our consultants have real-world technical and competency expertise. They also have deep knowledge of the methodologies and processes required for success.


Competency framework and software

Defining the specific competencies for a job position is the first step in the process of the developing competent people. There are various ways in which you can source the competencies you need:

  • Write them yourself
  • Find them from an external source or HR provider
  • Use the Oil and Gas Skills Alliance Competency Maps


Since Oil and Gas Skills Alliance Competency Maps are developed through collaboration among industry-leading companies—and include profiles for jobs across every segment and vertical—Oil and Gas Skills believes they are the best resource for identifying competencies. However, whatever your source of competency frameworks, Oil and Gas Skills competency consulting services can help you customize and implement the solution that works for you.

Regardless of the frameworks and software you choose, effective implementation processes are critical to ensuring that your new solutions provide the ease of use and business impact that you need. Oil and Gas Skills consultants work with you to determine the best approach to implementing your chosen frameworks and software in a proven, effective and sustainable way.


Learning solutions

Competency  frameworks and software enable you to define individual and group skills gaps, but are only part of a complete workforce development solution. A comprehensive approach also requires also requires solutions for developing workforce knowledge, solutions for workplace practice (such as coaching guides), and performance support, which provides validated information about completed tasks and competencies.

Oil and Gas Skills is about more than world-class courses. And we’re about more than e-learning or our PetroCore performance support system. We are about creating development solutions that meet your company’s unique needs. Our consultants can help you identify the best solutions and map them to competency frameworks to help ensure your company’s competency efforts are on the right track.

No matter what your company’s current stage with the implementation of a competency-based workforce, the Oil and Gas Skills competency solutions team can help. For more information contact us.