Oil and Gas Skills PetroCore

Performance Support for technical Professionals

Providing right-place, right-time technical content in context

PetroCore Reference is a turnkey reference solution that provides technical professionals the right technical knowledge on demand. Whether they are in the field or studying to build new skills, PetroCore Reference helps workers quickly and easily find, access and manage relevant industry-validated knowledge resources.  By enabling your personnel to better answer questions when and where they arise, PetroCore Reference leads to improved productivity and safety. Validated, credible technical knowledge resources accelerate the onboarding of new hires while ensuring senior professionals have access to the latest industry-approved best practices.



  • Online technical library–provides critical job-specific resources with features such as bookmarks and sticky notes to maximize usability
  • Search engine—enables quick reference and just-in-time support
  • Browse-by-Skills feature—supports easy navigation through available resources in a skills-based context
  • Embedded collaboration tools—encourages users to share their own insights and experiences
  • Reading List - enables instructors, coaches, mentors, and managers to rapidly create, annotate, and share customized online reading lists to address specific technical training or business objectives


help throughout the organization

The combination of features and capabilities help technical employees in numerous ways.

Skill Building (early career)

  • Anytime, anywhere access to validated technical information
  • Targeted support for roles and disciplines
  • Career development roadmaps and resources

Internal Consultants (mid career)

  • Industry-validated content for double-checking technical assumptions
  • Performance support resources for helping others with technical questions
  • Career development roadmaps and resources

Technical Leaders and Asset Managers

  • A single, industry-validated resource for technical questions from employees
  • Creation of annotated reading lists for mentoring and coaching
  • Simplified knowledge sharing through the use of notes in base technical content