The Oil and Gas Skills Alliance was founded in 2001 by Shell, BP and OGCI, to provide “important but not unique” competency based training. Since then it has evolved into an industry-driven, industry-approved program that spans the industry. Today, with more than 30 members representing more than 40% of the world’s oil production, the Oil and Gas Skills Alliance is focused on meeting the challenges of the Big Crew Change and a rapidly changing hydrocarbon resource base. As the oil and gas Industry’s partner, our mission is to deliver consistent, high quality, learning and development training and programs to build competent petroleum professionals. Contact us to find out more.




Oil and Gas Skills longevity and relevance is a direct result of the member company input. The Member Advisory Board provides industry-led guidance. Subject matter experts contributed by Alliance member-companies ensure that our courses address current industry needs through our technical discipline networks.


Oil and Gas Skills training programs and courses are the products of Oil and Gas Skills’ technical networks and quality processes. Together they ensure that the courses are relevant and aligned with today’s needs for competency development and assurance.

Competency Solutions

Detailed Competency Maps linked to learning provide the industry’s definitive benchmark for the development of professionals throughout the petroleum value chain. Workforce development and tailored competency assurance solutions across teams, regional operations and the entire enterprise are available with our integrated consulting, and software solutions.

Accelerating Time to Autonomy

We deliver knowledge when, where and how it is needed. Our instructor-led training is available in person or virtually in real time, from a remote location. PetroCore e-reference enables on-demand, 24/7 access to technical knowledge. Blended coaching and mentoring accelerates time to competency.


Agile Course Development

As industry needs emerge, the Alliance is moving quickly to stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging the processes we’ve refined over the last decade, the Alliance has strengthened its ability to develop and deploy new courses rapidly, at lowest total cost.

Oil and Gas Skills has recently developed the following unconventional courses to address the needs of a rapidly changing asset base. In addition to these programs, standard Oil and Gas Skills course offerings are also being enhanced where appropriate, recognizing that unconventional resources, particularly shale plays, are part of the resource set for most industry professionals today.


Coalbed Methane – CBM

Evaluating and Developing Shale Resources – SRE

Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs – PUR

Reservoir Management for Unconventional Reservoirs – RMUR

Unconventional Resources Completion and Stimulation – URCS

Water Management for Unconventional Gas - WMUG

Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing - AHF

Applied Rock Mechanics - ARM

Directional, Horizontal, and Multilateral Drilling - DHD

Foundations of Petrophysics - FPP

Gas Production Engineering - GPO

Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Analysis and Design - HML1

Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completion and Stimulation - HML2

Hydraulic Fracturing Applications - HFU

Well Design and Engineering - WDE

Well Test Design and Analysis - WTA


The courses, programs and tailored solutions we develop at Oil and Gas Skills are available to all oil and gas companies and professionals.

Attend Courses
We conduct more than 1,000 public course sessions each year, in every oil and gas producing region. Wherever you are located, Oil and Gas Skills courses are available frequently and conveniently to lower total cost.

Conduct In-house Courses

All Oil and Gas Skills public courses can be held in-house, at the location of your choice. We regularly tailor individual courses and extended programs to suit specific customer requirements.

Use Industry-Leading Competency Management Tools

Oil and gas companies can license the Competency Maps that Alliance member companies have developed together. This enables in-house training teams to save enormous time and expense in defining what oil and gas professionals in all positions need to know. Our software tools are also available to support your in-house mission of understanding workforce strengths and weaknesses, identifying and closing the competency gaps.

Consulting Support

Oil and Gas Skills provides workforce development, competency development and assurance consulting, support for oil and gas companies from start-up to integrated oil company. These services are spanning the complete industry from exploration to refining and petrochemicals.


  • Are Oil and Gas Skills training and other products available only to Alliance members?
  • How does a company become a member of the Oil and Gas Skills Alliance?
  • How is the Oil and Gas Skills Alliance different than other training “alliances?”

No. Oil and Gas Skills courses, services and other products are available to all companies and individual professionals in the oil and gas industry. Oil and Gas Skills Alliance companies play a vital role in the direction of Oil and Gas Skills, and they receive added value from the Oil and Gas Skills relationship in a number of ways. However, any company or individual in the industry is invited to leverage the industry benchmark content developed by Oil and Gas Skills.

Oil and Gas Skills takes its partnership with members seriously, and strives to ensure that membership delivers sustained value for each member company. Oil and Gas Skills is interested in including organizations of all sizes, from anywhere in the value chain. If you are interested in learning more about the Alliance and how membership works, we have an advisor in your region who can answer any questions you may have.

The Oil and Gas Skills Alliance is comprised of more than 30 member companies and represents more than 40% of the world’s total production of oil and gas. This unique partnership represents companies from every oil-producing region around the world, including operators and service companies alike, in a variety of organizational sizes and structures.

The Alliance is truly driven BY the industry – it does not simply provide a service FOR the industry – and all the resources created by the Oil and Gas Skills Alliance are industry-validated.